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Anthony Isaacson Notary Public

I am a Notary Public and a Member of the Notary Society of England and Wales based in Folkestone, Kent with over thirty years experience of providing a wide range of Notary Public services to both private and business clients.

Appointments can be arranged at short notice at the offices of Rootes & Alliott or at clients’ place of business.

Anthony Isaacson can assist you with the notarisation and authentication of your documents to operate abroad whether for your business or for you as an individual.

TELEPHONE: 01303 851100

Notary Public Services Offered

  • Powers of Attorney for use worldwide
  • International Affidavits, Sworn Statements and Depositions
  • Notarisation of:
    • property sale, purchase and mortgage documentation for use overseas
    • company and business documents and transactions
    • private agreements for use abroad
    • personal documents for immigration and emigration purposes
    • shipping documentation including the registration of vessels and ship protests
  • Certification of copy passports, birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Lost passports and birth certificates
  • Affidavits of Non-Impediment to Marriage
  • Retirement Life Certificates
  • Sponsorship Declarations

What does a Notary Public do?

In England, a notary public is a qualified lawyer who holds an additional public office and is appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Notaries public play a crucial role in legal and commercial matters by providing various services, including:

1. Authentication and certification: Notaries public authenticate and certify documents and transactions. They verify the authenticity of signatures, seals, and copies of documents, ensuring that they are true and accurate representations of the original.

2. Witnessing and attesting: Notaries witness the signing of documents and attest to their validity. They verify the identity and capacity of individuals involved in legal transactions, such as contracts, affidavits, and powers of attorney.

3. Notarisation of deeds and documents: Notaries public can prepare and notarise various legal instruments, including deeds, agreements, contracts, and statutory declarations. They ensure that these documents meet the legal requirements and have been executed properly.

4. Verification of facts: Notaries may be called upon to verify facts, such as birth, death, marriage, or educational records. They confirm the accuracy of such information and provide official certification when required.

5. International document services: Notaries public often deal with documents intended for use in foreign countries. They can authenticate and certify documents for international use, including notarising documents for immigration, overseas business transactions, or adoption processes.

6. Legalisation and apostille services: In certain cases, notaries public may assist with the legalisation or obtaining an apostille for documents. Legalisation is the process of authenticating a document for use in a foreign country, while an apostille is a simplified certification for countries that are part of the Hague Convention.

It's important to note that the role and authority of notaries public may vary from country to country, so the specific functions and responsibilities of a notary public in England may differ from those in other jurisdictions.